IGI batchnummers Nederland en BelgiŽ


In the meantime hundreds of numbers of resources are known from the Netherlands and Belgium, to use for a search in one specific source or to look at all the data from that source in the IGI part of the database FamilySearch (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). This IGI database is more reliable than the whole database FamilySearch, but because the reliabilty of these data, in its completeness and accuracy, often can not be judged, it is decided not to mention seperate sources at this site, but to put them together at special pages (in Dutch).
Read by first use the page 'Toelichting' at these special IGI pages.


To the pages 'IGI batchnummer Nederland en BelgiŽ'
(IGI batch numbers of the Netherlands and Belgium; in Dutch)