A short tour of 'Digital Resources Netherlands and Belgium': 

We refer to genealogical resources that are well defined, to avoid false-negative search results. In addition to resources available online, you will also find lists of resources available on cd-rom. As transcriptions rarely are flawless, we recommend to check findings against the original registers. We do not link to services which require payment, files or services which can only be accessed following registration, are indicated by [REGISTRATION].

In the left frame you can decide which information will appear in this frame. Firstly there are the pages with informations about the provinces. In the top section of each of these pages you will find resources concerning the whole province or a greater region; below you will find individual places (or manors for instance) listed alfabetically (please note that these places are mentioned under the province to which they belong nowadays). When a lot of links are available regarding one place, subsections are created. When applicable, one or more of the following sections can be found:

- church books ('dtb'): parishal books with baptisms, marriages and deaths/burials; mostly till 1796 or 1811. In the Netherlands additional resources are kept in series with church books, such as tax on marriages and burials, and civil marriages before aldermen.
- civil records and register of population ('b.s. en bev.reg'): civil records can be found from 1796 or 1811 onwards, registers of population start around 1840/1850
- remaining ecclesiastical ('overig kerkelijk'): material kept in ecclesiastical archives
- remaining non-ecclesiastical ('overig niet-kerkelijk'): material, kept in civil archives

Links to resources added recently to the site can be found under New (partly in Dutch). General resources and those regarding overseas territories are under General and overseas. Odds and end contains resources beyond the scope of the site, but nevertheless valuable enough to be mentioned. Finally there is a page with Worldwide meta-links. Explanation guides you through the three media at this site, and when you have produced digital resources yourself please consider a visit to Do you have resources? For further assistance you can use the link places and language to find places and maps, and some Dutch-English translations.