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Subject and reach of this newsgroup:

Globally the subject of this newsgroup is: genealogy in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The newsgroup is not moderated, therefore messages or queries posted in this newsgroup are never altered or changed. There is a complet exchange of content between this newsgroup and the mailinglist; messages posted in the mailing list or the newsgroup can be read in both platforms. More information can be found in the complet text of the charter (1995) of this newsgroup.


Using the mailinglist:

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

At the website FAQ Genealogie Benelux (in Dutch) you will find many questions and answers from the newsgroup. In addition background information on many subjects. This site is in thematical order.



Old messages can be found via Google Discussies. You can search in many newsgroups. If you want to restrict the search to the newsgroup soc.genealogy.benelux just enter that name also as one of your keywords, or use Google Groups advanced search.


Marked messages:

Posting in the newsgroup is done frequently. This practice was initiated to point out some very specific messages by using symbols in the subject-line. This will give the readers the opportunity to weed out information that does not interest them, using filters in the newsreaders. These messages will also be selected for archival purposes. The following symbols are in use, preceding the subject of the message:

Family announcements from current newspapers are saved, indexed and can be found at De Annonce Revue, a weekly digital magazine, that includes a search engine
! Random records of genealogy: Outsiders, boatmen, emigrants etc., more or less found by accident during the research and maybe wanted by somebody searching in other areas. This kind of data is made available in Toevalstreffers, also supplied with a search engine 
A message mentioned in the press
* -
Messages about and from archives
Note: the subject from the monthly posting referring to this page will always begin with: INFO soc.genealogy.benelux; the subject will be followed by a year and month indication

In a similar way an international used abbreviation is used now and then:

OT: Off-Topic, or: not belonging to the subject of this newsgroup; in line with the charter this kind of messages have to be avoided as much as possible



All languages used in the Benelux and English are approved to be used. Even though it was initially expected in 1995 that the main language would be English, most of the traffic is in Dutch now but English is used regularly. There has been limited interest in French and very little in German.


CHARTER (29 mei 1995)

soc.genealogy.benelux is for genealogy and family history discussion among people researching ancestors, family members, or
others who have a genealogical connection to any people in any part of the Benelux countries (Belgium, The Netherlands and

The group is open to anyone with an interest in genealogy in any of the populations in or from this area, including, but not
limited to: people who live, lived, or may have lived there; emigrants; immigrants; colonists; residents of former colonies; and their descendants.

The scope of the group reflects language, history, migrations, and the realities of researching public records and genealogical
data archives, and includes questions of local customs and history, or of regional or national history which affected the lives of these people and which are difficult to research in the present. Posts are expected to be mostly in English, but may be written in any language. Dutch, French and German are spoken in different parts of the region, and posts in those languages are
anticipated and will be welcome. Posters who wish a translation of a post into another language may ask the group for help.

The focus of the group is on people, researched for genealogical purposes. Postings on topics unrelated to genealogy are not welcome.

Mailing lists and gateways: 
The group will be gated to a mailing list for genealogists who do not have access to Usenet. The gate will be two-way, so that all
messages posted on either side will appear on both sides.